The Bib’ secondes saved my day!


Okay guys imagine this, one toddler yelling for juice, one newborn screaming for milk and a mom who looks like a character from Fraggle Rock. That was me. I only had two arms and I needed 4. SO you all may be thinking what does this have to do with anything. I will tell you…when you have 2 kids that need something RIGHT NOW and only have two hands it isn’t practical to heat up the baby’s bottle on … [Read more...]

Perfect bottle at your fingertip


The 90 sec WARM bottle… Made possible by the Bib’Expresso, otherwise known as the Bib’Awesom-O in my house. This one small appliance is our savior, its slim line design, smart tools and kicky colors makes the Bib’Expresso a permanent addition in our kitchen. Now let’s get to the nitty gritty. 90 second perfect temperature water for bottles and even warm tea or coca for the toddler or … [Read more...]

Cough, Cough no more!

natural cough syrup, zarbees

I have decided that I have a love/hate relationship with fall and winter. I love the colors, great food and family fun. I hate the colds and sniffles that always seem to follow my kiddos around. With a toddler and a young preschooler at home I don’t really have many options for keeping them comfy while they have the cough and runny nose. This fall I got lucky and found something that we can all … [Read more...]

A Sweet Booster for Sweet girls!

summer infant my baby and me

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Toddler! Marlee is without doubt best friends with all of her stuffies and dolls. So when we got the Summer infant sent her the My baby and Me™ Booster seat, I knew she would LOVE it. On Marlee’s first birthday we put her new special booster to use. She sat in the seat as if she had always been there. She was super comfortable in the pink and purple high … [Read more...]

Have a Happy Halloween with these safety tips!!


With Halloween just around the corner and it being a favorite of my 3 and it being a favorite of my 3 year old, I have been thinking a lot about how to keep my kiddos safe this year. I generally would just use my common sense BUT with 2 kids this time around there are some more logistics to think about. Pumpkin carving safety: This year my kiddo picked out a 51 lb pumpkin!!! Carving was going … [Read more...]

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