10 things about me.

Kerri Jablonski Headshot

I’m at 32,000 feet, headed to Bentonville Arkansas for the second annual SoFabCon. I actually won the trip to this awesomesauce conference so I’m even that much more excited. There’s a private Facebook group for SoFabCon14 and a few conference goers have written about me posts. Better late than never, right? 10 things about me…. 

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It’s okay to be a skinny bitch.

Skinny Bitch

Really. It is. Being a skinny bitch does not mean she have an eating disorder. It doesn’t mean she exercises too much. It doesn’t mean she only drinks diet coke and eat saltines for lunch. It doesn’t mean she need to gain a few pounds in order to make YOU feel comfortable. It’s called genetics…. 

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