Wink of Pink – Spring Fashion at Kohl’s

Wink of Pink - Scarf Selfie - Spring Fashion at Kohl's

I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received Kohl’s gift cards and sample pieces to facilitate my posts and as a thank you for participating. I'm so excited.THIS MOM was recently chosen to be a Kohl's Fashion Ambassador! As a work at home mom it's easy to get in a rut and just slip on jeans and a sweatshirt each day, especially if I won't be … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Good Dental Health in Children

Sonicare - Tips for Good Dental Health in Children

There are lots of parenting struggles. Bedtime, sharing toys, eating vegetables. Good dental health doesn't need to be one of them. Here are some great tips for good dental health in children. 5 Tips for Good Dental Health in Children Toothbrush Timer Children and adults should brush their teeth for two to three minutes. The Philips Sonicare for Kids Toothbrush that comes equipped with a … [Read more...]

Chex Mix Recipe: Leprechaun Bait

Chex Mix Recipe Leprechaun Bait

Awhile back, the great people at Chex asked me to share some popular Chex Recipes with you all. I actually made a fantastic batch of Mexican Hot Chocolate Chex Mix and then it got eaten before I could take photos. Note to self, do not make Chex Mix without a PLAN if you need to take photos. :) One of the things I love about Chex cereal is it's a great starting point for gluten free snacks. … [Read more...]

$600 Joovy Giveaway!

2014 Joovy Resolutions

It's the new year, and I'm sure you've made some resolutions. In fact, you've probably already broken some. It's okay, I don't judge. Need a restart? It's never too late. Here are some resolutions to consider for 2014. 1.) Take better care of yourself. I know as a mom I tend to put my kids first. My health, my sleep, heck, my HAIR fall by the wayside. It's okay to take time for me, and … [Read more...]

Introducing Quincy to American Girl

Quincy and her Bitty Baby

6 months ago, Quincy had never heard of American Girl. That has a lot to do with me, because up until a year ago, while I knew about American Girl, I wasn't familiar at all with the brand. That's likely because when American Girl debuted in 1986, I was moving away from dolls and onto boy bands and big hair. I wish I was kidding. Thanks to some wonderful friends, I starting exploring American … [Read more...]

Hot Holiday Toys: K’Nex Building Sets!

K'Nex Building Sets

I was graciously given several K'Nex Building Sets to review. Let me tell you, these things are cool! They're geared towards older kids and young adults, but there are lots of great themes from Super Mario Bros to the Beatles. This past weekend, I took one of the set's to my friends son for the holidays. He's really been into building lately, so I know he'd love having a K'Nex set. He had a … [Read more...]

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