Cahootie – The Future is in Your Hands {giveaway}


Remember cootie catchers? You know, those fortune teller things you made out of paper in late elementary and early middle school that would determine what cute boy in your class you would fall madly in love with and marry? The ones that the teachers kept taking away, the little paper fortune tellers that would cause you to miss recess? Well, they have a new look to them, they are called … [Read more...]

Add these great Ravi wine accessories to your home bar…

2 in 1

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Wine Lover Have a friend who loves wine and you want a fun, simple and affordable gift for them? Check out these wine gifts  from Ravi Solution! When we opened our bottle of red wine on Thanksgiving, the cork broke. Oh nos! Luckily, we had just received the 2 in 1 Vacuum Stopper from Ravi. Not only were we able to seal up our wine again, but we were able to … [Read more...]

Got SodaStream?


We don't buy soda much in this house, and over the past few weeks we've been able to cross it off our list entirely. It's not because we've given up soda, but because a SodaStream has come to live at our house. Let's just say that the SodaStream is a really neat kitchen gadget. It's really really cool. Whether you want a root beer, sparkling tea or tonic water for your vodka, your SodaStream … [Read more...]

Our friends at Matter of Cents are celebrating their Blogoversary!


And in the blogging world, we celebrate blogoversaries with giveaway hops! Fun times, great prizes! If you're a blogger, this is an event you won't want to miss out on, it's going to be awesome. So head over to Matter of Cents to sign up. Here is how YOU can get involved! If you're a blogger or business, here's what you need to know: To be part of the cash giveaway, CLICK HERE to … [Read more...]

Will you be Home for the Holidays?

Being nearly 3,000 miles away, we don't get home for the holidays often. Needless to say, we'd be surprised if family dropped in for Christmas.... I'm not the only one who likes surprises. T-Mobile does too... This is probably one of the most amazing Holiday videos I have seen... watch it, share it with the ones you love. Happy Holidays. This post is sponsored by T-Mobile. … [Read more...]

Some Holiday Cheer…and tips too!

Contemplating the meaning of the message on the pillow....

Nevermind the countless boxes of Christmas Cheer I have in storage, our small living room just won't accomodate the Christmas Explosion I would love to have. (Step number 1 in keeping the Christmas Chao down- don't be tempted to pull out ALL the boxes) Choose a few favorites to use every year, like the pillow Quincy is inspecting. (Step number 2 - always having your favorites makes every year … [Read more...]

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