About the Maven…

Kerri Jablonski

Kerri Jablonski been socially active on the Internet since there was Internet. She likes to share knowledge and believes as long as we learning and sharing with others we are growing. She can be obnoxiously passionate about things. Be forewarned. This is a good thing for the brands she works with.

She’ll probably answer to The Maven but people that know her call her Kerri. She started out in college with the intentions of becoming a writer with an emphasis in graphic communications, found herself with a B.S. in Textile Chemistry and now, well, she’s back to writing.

Residing in the Pacific Northwest she managed the Seattle division of CityMommy.com from April 2009-July 2011 until they were acquired by another company. During 2011, Kerri wrote a food column for kids for Scandinavian Child, and she continues to be a guest writer for a few other sites.

Aside from working with great companies and brands, Kerri  also has three terrific kids. Her oldest son (2008) was recently diagnosed with Autism, so she’s interested in anything to make life easier for him. His younger sister (2010) was 8 weeks early due to pre-eclampsia and has some developmental delays, plus she has a newborn boy born March 2013! Never feel like you can’t drop her a line. Feel free to email her at kerri AT themavenofsocialmedia DOT com.

For press inquiries you may also email: press @ themavenofsocialmedia DOT com


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