Organic Apple Pancake Recipe

Easy Organic Apple Pancake Recipe

I'm super fortunate to live in an area of the country that really supports local farms - a good thing - we're surrounded by them - and I love being able to get local, organic foods for my family. Since we live in a world inundated with chemicals, it's important to me. I love apples. Love them. Some of my childhood I even lived next to an apple orchard. In fact, my LAST NAME means "apple … [Read more...]

Easy Cranberry Coconut Rice Cereal #LoveEveryMinute

rice cereal

I love rice pudding. I used to love eat leftover rice mixed with a bit of milk, raisins and sugar for a treat after dinner. Ok, so that's not exactly rice pudding, but it's close enough right? And definitely quick and easy. When I was younger though, I tended to load up the sugar. Not exactly healthy, right? Now that I'm a "grown up" I still enjoy rice pudding but I need to find a way to make … [Read more...]

Share Your Breakfast: National Breakfast Week is March 4th to March 8th

share your breakfast.png

It's National Breakfast Week! Do your kids eat breakfast every day? Did you know that 1 in 5 kids misses breakfast every day? That's a lot of growling tummies! Missing out on breakfast means missing out on potential energy. Energy that kids need to learn at their full potential. Breakfast can be as simple as a bowl of cereal. Or maybe you have time for some scrambled eggs and bacon. On the go? … [Read more...]

This morning called for a pot of tea.

brew loose tea

This morning was one of those mornings where throwing a bag of tea into my mug and pouring hot water over it wasn't going to cut it. The flip side is then I have a pot of caffeine staring at me all day - so it's hard to say which is the lesser of the evils. Making tea “the right way” as I call it is really easy and tastes about a million times better. It's very easy to brew loose leaf tea. The … [Read more...]

Weekend breakfasts at IHOP #breakfastlove

Simple Fit

There is no question that sometimes it's easier to go out to breakfast on a weekend morning. After a crazy week having the option to have someone else cook for you is pretty nice. So off we went with the kids... I'm a sucker for IHOP, and especially their International Crepes. So when we went there a few weeks ago, that was what I first looked at on the menu. Until I realized that IHOP now … [Read more...]

Tune into the NEW Vortexx Cartoon Block on the CW on Saturday Mornings!


Remember how you used to spend your Saturday morning? Cartoons and jammies right? Curl up with your kid's this Saturday, and every Saturday for a morning of action packed cartoons. Grab a bowl of cereal, some fruit and milk and you're set! THIS Saturday morning, check out the NEW Vortexx Cartoon block on the CW. Check your local cable provider for listings. For more information please visit … [Read more...]

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