The Best #GracoSafety Event Ever!


Last night I headed down to Federal Way WA. It's about 30 miles but when you add in Seattle traffic it's about an hour drive. Not really my thing. But it was worth it. See, I was headed to Vince's Restaurant to join the lovely Kat of Mama Kat's Losin It and other Seattle area bloggers like Kiara from Bucheler Beat and Ashley from Life as Ashlet for a fun Italian dinner. Oh, and a Graco Safety … [Read more...]

Travel Smarter With Car Seat and Stroller Safety Tips

Britax Advocate

Holiday Gift Guide Picks – For the Baby! BRITAX today announced new fashion choices for its best-selling convertible car seat line with Side Impact Protection and True Side Impact Protection®. Nine new prints are being added to the line, which also offers Superior 360 Degree Protection with Revolutionary Head Safety Technology to dramatically reduce the risk of head injury. Stay tuned in 2012 … [Read more...]

You don’t need to be a prodigy to figure out the ‘Prodigy!’ #summerinfantprodigy


I am the perfect person to gauge the easiness-factor of installing an infant car seat, seeing that I've never even come close to installing a car seat before in my life. Truth be told, I didn't even know there was two parts to the thing--you know, the seat itself and the base that stays in your car--until my new Prodigy came in the mail last week. When my dogs started furiously barking, … [Read more...]

Carseat safety with @Britax

Britax Frontier

Carseat safety is a big topic. Even before the American Association of Pediatrics released the recommendation that infants should remain rearfacing until at least two years of age (instead of the current 1 year AND 20 pounds) I believed in extending rear facing (ERF) and have since I first started researching infant carseats. Last year, we reviewed the Britax Chaperone, which has a fit of 4 to … [Read more...]

Synonymous with Safety, it’s easy to choose the @Britax Chaperone


Note: At the time this review post was written, I was about 29 weeks pregnant with Quincy. Little did I know that the practice install for this review would be the permanant install. Quincy was born at 32w3d. I am so glad I had the Britax Chaperone to bring her home in. She's now 13 months old, and still safely rides in the same seat. When it came to choosing a new infant carseat for my … [Read more...]

Recaro has earned my love

Marlee in the Recaro

Three years ago when I heard the name Recaro I thought aftermarket Motorcross seats.  Fast forward to now, three years and two kids later, when I hear Recaro I think AMAZING car seat. So  I was beyond excited when I got the opportunity to get a Recaro ProRIDE for review. We were given the ProRIDE in Hanna and not only is it beautiful it has exceeded all of the US federally mandated safety … [Read more...]

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