Help raise $50,000 for eye exams for children in need!

Early morning snow and Christmas lights. Perfection. #EyeSawGood #sponsored #mc

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Alcon. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Help raise $50,000 for eye exams for children in need! I've been wearing glasses for about thirty years. So, since I was a kid. Without them, I would have struggled in the classroom. The thing is, there are many children in the United States can’t afford … [Read more...]

Charity Gift Giving for Kids with a CWIST

Sign up for CWIST

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. When your kids get a case of the "I wants" you typically have them earn their desires with a chore list, or good grades, right? Not super exciting is it? My kids are just entering that phase, so I was pretty excited to learn about cwist. I wanted to find … [Read more...]

Make your neighborhood better with State Farm Neighborhood Assist

state farm neighborhood assist

This is a sponsored post written for State Farm Neighborhood Assist on behalf of Mom Central. I think it's important to share this information with you so you can make a difference in your own community. Not all of us are fortunate enough to live in an area with clean sidewalks, safe playgrounds (if there are playgrounds at all!) or community centers to enjoy. Thankfully, with programs … [Read more...]

World Vision: Holiday Gift Guide Idea!

world vision

Last year you might recall me writing about a company called World Vision. While my intention was to encourage you all to consider World Vision for your holiday needs, charitable donations can be made year round! Whether it’s for the tax deduction or the warm fuzzy feeling giving to others generates, most Americans plan to make a charitable donation over the holiday season. In fact, nearly 60 … [Read more...]

Save the kitties! Help The Rescue House earn a $10,000 @Petco Grant!

The Rescue House

I need your help readers. My dear friend Lianne from high school sent me a message on Facebook today, asking for me to ask you to do something very simple. Vote for The Rescue House, a non-profit, all volunteer-based organization dedicated to assisting cats through its rescue, foster and adoption activities to receive a $10,000 grant from Petco. Simple right? 10/4/2012 … [Read more...]

Macy’s Rwanda Path to Peace Basket Giveaway #HaitiPeaceNG

sweet grass basket

Would you like to win a beautiful handwoven basket like the one above? For more information about Macy's Rwanda Path to Peace and the story behind this basket and others like it, please read this post. If you'd like more chances to win, be sure to check out the linky below to other Noise Girls who are giving away woven baskets and Heart of Haiti horn stretch bracelets! Please enter to win on … [Read more...]

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