Knock Knock! {Who’s there?}

stuffed tiger

Tig-O the Tiger. Tig-O the Tiger who? Tig-O the Tiger wants to help you learn some BIG WORDS. I'll be the first to tell you I love giving fun and quirky gifts. So I was pretty excited to learn about the online store, Knock Knock. I'm pretty sure that Tig-O the Tiger fits the quirky and fun category.  You see, Tig-O the Tiger is a Clump-O-Lump - a fun stuffed animal that can transform … [Read more...]

We love our Alphie!

Alphie by Hasbro

Much to the delight of my 3 year old a package arrived for him, much to my delight it was a fun and educational friend for him, it was Alphie by Hasbro. I couldn’t hold him off; I HAD to open it right away. Right after our new robot friend Alphie was out of the box and turned on his little cards were laid out on the floor and I had an entire hour of silence. Well not really silence it … [Read more...]

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