Vegas Family Vacation at the Residence Inn

comfy bed!

I've attempted a Vegas family vacation twice since 2009. Ok, so not REALLY a family vacation, as I was there to attend the ABC Kids Expo and drug my family along. And we've always felt cramped in our hotel room. This year, I left the family at home in Seattle and went to Vegas without them. Well, Edison and I left everyone behind. We had a penthouse (ie two story condo) booked at the … [Read more...]

My new stroller love: The Britax B-Ready.


When I first heard through the grapevine about the Britax B-Ready, I knew I wanted to check it out first hand.  I was in the market for a double since I was expecting, and since the B-Ready is a single AND a double stroller, it was certainly fitting the bill!   I also fully admit that I wanted to try it because I’m a stroller junkie. Ask my husband, he’ll tell you. But once you hear about it, … [Read more...]

The PeaPod Plus by KidCo: Your toddler travel bed solution


You want to know how long it takes for a toddler to get into a PeaPod Plus travel bed by KidCo? Well, it took mine less than 45 seconds. As in from the time I took it out of the box to the time it hit my living room floor, fully assembled (less the inflatable mattress) It didn’t take him any convincing either, no sooner was it on the floor, he was in it. I call that a positive reaction! The … [Read more...]

Need new wheels? Check out the Joovy Kooper!

What do you push your toddler in when the sun is beating down in Las Vegas? A Joovy Kooper of course. This stroller is sure to turn heads. Maybe it’s the bright lemontree color but more likely it’s that it’s just a good-looking stroller. With it’s ample canopy (better than any other out there) that has amazing sun coverage (and a peekaboo window to check on your napping little one) and slick … [Read more...]

Traveling with an infant? Consider the Rest Assured Sleeper!

When I was making my travel arrangements for the ABC Kids Expo I found myself stuck - I had planned on taking my children with me, but where would they sleep? More importantly, where would my then 15 week old daughter sleep. Lucky for me, I found out about the Rest Assured Sleeper by Summer Infant. The Rest Assured Sleeper is a co-sleeping device that provides your little one a safe place to … [Read more...]

Who’s the mayor of the ABC Kids Expo 2010?

Duh, the answer to that question is obviously, The Baby Guy NYC (Jamie Grayson) ABC was a blast and a whirlwind today, but here are a few things: I met The Guncles, and their adorable daughter, Simone. Simone is the cutest, I think she and Quincy need to rock Las Vegas for sure! My son, Sebby, enjoyed his new ride, the Joovy Kooper. It's bright yellow and tons of fun. Quincy has a new … [Read more...]

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