Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Adventure on DVD

Super Adventure in hat

We're not even a full week into Winter Break and we've watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Adventure which was released on DVD earlier this month at least a half a dozen times. It's not surprising, my kids are creatures of habit, and it's a morning ritual. It's a super fun collection, and we've been enjoying it quite a bit! Our friends at Disney were kind enough to send us a gift pack … [Read more...]

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: The Quest For The Crystal Mickey

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

It's no surprise Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a big hit in our house, so the kids were pretty excited to the box of goodies from Click Communications late last week with the new DVD “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: The Quest for the Crystal Mickey!” and a Mickey Adventure Kit! If you'd like your own copy, my affiliate link is at the end of this post. Two days later their both still taking turns (sort … [Read more...]

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