Want to win over $400 in prizes for mom from the @NoiseGirls? #ngfamily


With only a few days left to win one of the amazing prize packages from the For the Family event by the Noise Girls, don't forget MOM! From now until September 22nd, you have a chance to win over $3390 in prizes in the Noise Girls For the Family Giveaway Event! You can check out the Noise Girls reviews to see what products are included for your very special “Mother”! The “Mother” … [Read more...]

Announcing the Noise Girls For the Family Event ($3390 in prizes)


Welcome to the For the Family Giveaway Event! By now you must know I am part of an amazing group of women bloggers called the Noise Girls! We've been working all summer to put together an amazing giveaway for all of you!  What a better way to celebrate fall then with 7 amazing prize packages!! From mom and dad to big brother and kid sister, every member of the family loves a great gift! Make … [Read more...]

Learning to be Eco-Healthy from my mom…

It is important that after your preschooler gets a good breakfast of something like oatmeal.

I have all these memories of school lunches when I was in grade school. The long white tables in the multi=purpose room. The line next to the Lance snack machine and cooler that contained Hershy Ice Cream for a special dessert. Giving Miss Becky my quarters for my carton of milk. Then my lunch packed in my red Tupperware lunch box, that my mother had carefully packed. Carrot sticks, peanut … [Read more...]

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