The choice of drinking water- or a sweetened beverage.


You might have read my post a few weeks ago about the importance of drinking water as part of the Share Your Wisdom campaign I'm participating in. Did you know that when the choice of drinking water is taken away, 63% will choose sweetened beverage. Wow huh? It's certainly something to think about. Do you need to drink more water? Take the pledge to join the Hydration Movement … [Read more...]

Do you drink enough water?


We all know we are supposed to drink enough water. But how many of us really do? I doubt it's many of us. The recommendation is to drink six or eight 8-ounce glasses of water or other fluid every day. But some people may need more or less, depending on how healthy they are, how much they exercise, and how hot and dry the it is. You also need to drink more water you’re pregnant or breastfeeding … [Read more...]

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